Growing Pains is a fictional shortfilm telling the story of a young couple that goes through a crisis. During an evening spent in their bathroom, the unspoken conflict between them escalates. After every attempt in showing her remorse fails, she feels like she has no choice but to take a more dramatic measure to earn his forgiveness.
Berlin, 2021

Growing Pains was given the honour to be screened
Madrid Indie Film Festival
and Valencia Indie Film Festival
and has won Best Drama in the Categorie "Super Short"
altff in Ontario, Canada
Cast: Rémy Yombo and Miria Karima
Direction and Production: Miria Karima Klostermaier
Director of Photography: Simon Klostermaier
Gaffer: Tom Klimek
Set Design, Make-Up, 1st AC: Jessica Romero Walter
Photography: Niklas Keller
Movement Direction: Ignacio Sarasua
Graphic Design: Leon Milovanov

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