„Next Generation Diversity“
A5, 161 pages, softcover book with open thread-stitching
Each book is unique through a original polaroid on its cover.

As many people (hopefully) did, I spent a lot of time during quarantine dwelling on racism. While I got very frustrated with a lot of things that are broken within our system, I also felt like I had totally overlooked a lot of positive encounters between races that were occurring right in front of my eyes all along. After browsing through mental pictures of people I had met over the course of my studies, I decided to dedicate my bachelor thesis to finding and giving a platform to the groups that had made ethnic differences work all along. "Next Generation Diversity" is a documentary photography project that gives a glance into the universe of racially diverse groups in Munich, Paris and New York and is a summary of what meeting them has taught me and can teach everyone about racism.
Munich, Paris, New York, 2022
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